Bart Baker Case Study

Bart Baker is a YouTube Star & Social Media Influencer

Client Goals

  • Develop Twitter audience to match YouTube popularity
  • Deepen personal connection with fans

Here’s How We Grew This Influencer’s Twitter Following Beyond 1M in Less Than a Year

Bart Baker is a YouTube influencer who has developed a large and loyal following for his music video parodies and comedy skits.

With over 10 million followers on YouTube, his quirky and sometimes outrageous viral videos often rack up millions of views.

Bart has spent a lot of time and energy cultivating his YouTube fans. But in order to expand his reach, he felt he needed to build a following on his other social channels, particularly Twitter.

Talking Into the Void

Bart had a modest Twitter presence and was somewhat active when he approached Fanbase. He just wasn’t getting traction. Tweeting, he said, often felt like “talking into the void.”

Before coming to us, Bart struggled to craft content that resonated with his Twitter followers.

With a low engagement and stunted reach, he knew he was missing out on a massive opportunity.

Understanding the Audience

The first thing Fanbase did was dig into Bart’s YouTube analytics to develop a profile of his audience.

After a detailed analysis, we discovered something shocking: many of Bart’s YouTube followers were active on Twitter—yet many did not follow him!

When Fanbase set up a campaign to alert these people to Bart’s Twitter account, it resulted in a nice bump to his follower count.

Still, there was more work to be done…

Building a Community

Once Fanbase had a snapshot of the typical Bart Baker fan, we used our personalized social intelligence system to hone in on Twitter users who were likely to enjoy Bart’s work.

To do this, we also profiled the audiences of similar artists, like Nash Grier and Shawn Mendes. We were looking for people who would be receptive to Bart’s unique brand of pop-fueled comedy.

Once our strategy kicked into gear, Bart saw his Twitter following skyrocket. In less that a year, he saw a staggering 445% growth, launching him over the one million follower mark.

In addition, Fanbase expanded Bart’s influence and reach, boosting retweets by 212%, link clicks by 499%, and impressions by 527%.

While these stats are impressive, perhaps more valuable was the fact that Bart was now connecting with real Twitter users who had a strong affinity with his work.


Building a loyal following on one social media channel while neglecting others can limit your reach.

For social media influencers and public figures, this translates into lost opportunities, and potentially, lower revenue.

By working with Fanbase, Bart succeeded in taking his content beyond the walls of YouTube, and cultivating a large and engaged community that helped springboard him into the next phase of his career.

Fanbase grew Bart Baker’s account by over 1 million followers in less than 1 year


Fanbase connected Digital Trends with hundreds of thousands of new fans on social media, and has helped us massively increase our engagement and link clicks. Their service has had a major positive impact on our business, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to develop their online presence!

– Jack Phan
VP of Strategy at Digital Trends