Digital Trends Case Study

Digital Trends is an awesome tech reviews and lifestyle site.

  • This Popular Tech Reviews Site Needed Help On Twitter
  • We Blew Up Their Follower Count By 373%

When Fanbase followed Digital Trends on Twitter, we were just hoping to get the lowdown on the latest iPhone. So, we were pleasantly surprised when we got a follow back and then an email from Digital Trends’ Editor-In-Chief Jeremy Kaplan.

Jeremy was looking for something that would take Digital Trends to the next level on social media.

While he was a little skeptical that Fanbase would be able to achieve the results he was seeking, he was eager to see what we could do.

And boy, did he make the right decision!

From Good to Great

Digital Trends already had a whole team dedicated to social media, along with a pretty solid strategy. For example, their main Twitter feed was firing off an average of 60 tweets per day.

Even with all this work, they weren’t achieving the reach and engagement enjoyed by some of their bigger competitors like Gizmodo and Engadget.

While trying to emulate the social strategies of the major players in the tech reviews space, they found themselves spinning their wheels.

They just couldn’t find that one missing piece of the puzzle that would knock their reach and engagement out of the park…

Know Thy Follower

As with all of our clients, we began with a detailed analysis of Digital Trends’ audience.

Once we had a profile of the types of people who would connect most strongly with Digital Trends’ brand, we used our system of social intelligence to target that audience.

In addition, we developed filters to block bots, fake accounts, and low-value followers.

Since Digital Trends’ social media team were already posting a consistent stream of tweets, our strategy began to pay off almost immediately. Within no time, Digital trends saw their community of real, engaged, and committed followers rapidly expanding.

Massive Growth, Fast!

Within a few months, Digital Trends went from 166,000 followers to half a million.

At the eight-month mark, they were rapidly approaching 800,000 followers, an increase of 373%!

Not only that, but due to the fact that the growth was 100% authentic, their reach and engagement also saw a massive boost.

Link clicks increased by 173%, while retweets increased by 207%. They also saw a 297% increase in impressions on their tweets.

While this growth had many obvious benefits to the business, it also added value and prestige to the work of Digital Trends’ staff, who were more motivated in seeing their content being shared and enjoyed by a much bigger audience.


Without a targeted strategy to identify followers who have a genuine affinity with your content, rapid follower growth will not translate into increased reach, clicks, or engagement.

By honing in on an audience with an authentic connection to the Digital Trends’ brand, Fanbase was able to kick start their Twitter growth while also building a community of followers that will bring lifetime value and enhanced social influence.

Digital Trends’ account saw a 373% increase in followers over the course of about 8 months


Fanbase connected Digital Trends with hundreds of thousands of new fans on social media, and has helped us massively increase our engagement and link clicks. Their service has had a major positive impact on our business, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to develop their online presence!

– Jack Phan
VP of Strategy at Digital Trends