What Our Clients Think

“I’m super excited about the results. – I didn’t grow only on Twitter, I grew on all the other social platforms as well… If you want to engage your fans, use Fanbase.” – Bibop Gresta, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

Before working with Fanbase, IndieCade was looking for a way to optimize its Twitter community reach and following. Fanbase addressed those needs and exceeded our wildest expectations. This resulted in exponential growth among our community followers and broadened the reach of awareness of the IndieCade festival and events. We have found the one-on-one support, careful attention to growth opportunities and specified, targeted outreach to be great assets of Fanbase’s client strategy. We would recommend this service to other businesses and communities hoping to maximize their Twitter following in a tailored and specific manner.”

Erin Shaver Operations Manager at IndieCade

I’m the founder and CEO of Sonas Denim, a sexy, unique, free-spirited denim company from San Francisco and now based in LA. Fanbase truly is transformative for a small company who wants true, content-interested followers. We have been lucky enough to be working with Fanbase for the past couple of months and are consistently impressed by the growing number of real followers who want to learn more about our brand. They make comments about our products and have upheld a steady growing buzz around our story. The great thing about this growth and response is that these are real people who like what we do and spread the word.”

Gerry Kelly CEO at Sonas Denim

“[Fanbase] made it possible for me to interact with real fans and real people.. I couldn’t be happier! Finally, the Twitter account is astonishingly close to where we are on the Youtube channel” – Brian Brushwood, Scam School

“It’s a secret weapon that allows you to connect with the right audience and increase your engagement.” – Jeff Hayzlett, C-Suite Network